Saturday, December 13, 2008

Evil Empire Strikes Back

Yes, I am a Yankee fan. Hate me all you want. Tell me that they buy championships, tell me how A-Rod chokes, tell me about Randy Johnsons, Roger Clemens(2nd stint), Kei Igawas, Carl Pavanos, and Jaret Wrights. While at it, tell me about how Abreus, Giambis, Damons, and even Womacks couldn't help us get a ring. Hatred is greatest form of flattery.

While still trying to make sense of Yanks' recent spending spree, I am left wondering what I would do if I was given a C.C. Sabathia's monster contract. I seen C.C.'s pad on MTV Cribs and he already had it all. I just can't see the guy being able to spend all of $161 mil in his lifetime. Maybe Latrell Sprewell can, but not C.C.

Cash Cow Sabathia, welcome to the Bronx!!

I would definitely buy a crib in each continent. I would operate out of my hometown Los Angeles(Malibu would be nice) while I would also own a high rise in Manhattan for my east coast operations. I considered Miami, but hurricanes scares me so much that thought of it gives me a diarrhea. Six months out of the year, you'll find me in Tokyo. I'll roam the streets over there like I'm in a music video. Man, I miss that place. I haven't decided on which Euro country though. I can find my inner Beckham and chill in London, or indulge on my Italian food in Milan or wherever the f good food is in Italy.

I wanna drink like salary-men workers!

Next would be having my own entourage. The difference between the HBO show and mine would be drastic. I'm not going to have mooches in my crew. They'll have to earn every thing they'll get it from me. You have to do some things that make you lose dignity but how does sitting courtside at Staples Center sound?

My point is, I would have whole lotta fun with that kind of money. Unfortunately for C.C., it comes with pressure of New York, expectations, high cost of living, etc. C.C., you can have that contract!! I just bought a Mega Millions ticket worth over $200 mil. for tomorrow's draw. If I hit it, more money, more problems, but at least I won't have C.C.'s problems. Good luck in NY, we need ya!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Season, New Optimism?

So the new NBA season is upon us in couple of days. I am really excited. I've been playing NBA 2K9 so hardcore that I went in to flu submission. I'm feeling pretty good now, so fire up the PS3! Also had a successful fantasy draft, so I got alot riding on this season. Couldn't help but notice number of teams with new uniforms for the upcoming season. These are my list of kudos and doo-doos:


New Orleans-Integrated past, present, & the future with Charlotte-like, pinstriped uni. Charlotte in my opinion had one of the coolest unis in the 90s. Hornets added the yellow they gained from residing in N.O. and made a very classy uni.

Sacramento- It was time for them to start a new era. Previous uni connects their glory days of C-Webb, Vlade, Peja, Bibby, etc. to disastrous era that ended in Ron-Ron Craziness. Props to them for having, "Sacramento," on their home whites instead of on typical road unis. Out of the box thinking.

Houston- It' not new, but it's about time they got an alternate jersey. Very nicely done. Was afraid that if they ever came out with an alternate jersey, they'll use silver. Silver jerseys are nasty; just ask mavs, nets, & spurs.

Toronto- Same as Houston. They went black and are never going back. Haha, this will be their alternate. Kind of like the road jerseys they used to have during Vinsanity days except no trace of purple of full of one on the back.


Minnesota- What is this? Did NBA Live development team design this? It looks like it came out straight from the video game. Trying too hard to have people notice that their theme is, "wilderness."

Oklahoma City- Simply speechless. The logo looks like it came with clip art software. Very generic looking at best. What's up with their color scheme? Note to dem Okies: if you don't already have teal in your team color, it's not in to design one from scratch like it was in the 90s.
Home whites look like D-League uni designed by Adidas & Road ones look like rip-off from Knicks road & Bobcats alternate road jerseys.

Orlando- Dude, what's up with teams using this type of collar? Not all pinstripes are tight. There's a difference between thick, cheap, pinstriped suit and sleek, power, pinstriped suit.
This one falls in former category. Does poor job of bringing back Shaq & Penny days. Why don't they just go back to those jerseys? Damn, I want a throwback alternate Penny jersey now.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How many lives do I have left?

I failed to report to you guys that I got into a accident on the 5 freeway in early september. 18-wheeler changed into the slow lane I was in and damaged my ride. After some struggles with their insurance, I was able to fix the $3500-plus damage.

Okay, no biggie...

So let's fast-forward to today.... I got in another one!! Not my fault again!! The idiot ran a red light. Getting sick of these CA drivers that can't drive. I'm sore and have a laceration and bruises. I might gain weight due to injury... This one's pretty bad though... As you can see in the pics below, it's pretty much going to be totalled... Goodbye, Lexus... :(

Nooooooooo~!!! FU, Civic!!

I need to turn my luck around... So pray for me... What doesn't kill me only make me stronger. I'm just down for the count, not out yet...

To turn my luck around, I'm gettin' dem shades...

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Worst of Both Worlds

Hey, Ladies & Gents, long time. Yes, I know I suck! I'm the worst blogger in terms of updating.
I have been extremely busy and had some tough times lately. But I'm not here to be a downer, I'm here to entertain! lol. My fantasy football team is off to a slow 1-3 start. I was so confident going in week 4 since my opponent for the week had a injured Jeremy Shockey and erratic Brett Favre. Also made some nifty moves by picking up Rashard Mendenhall (you suck!) Fantasy football is tough and grueling. This is my second season, but I always find myself grinding away and in a deep hole. Luck plays huge role too as I found out last week. I still believe I can manage the Oakland Raiders better than that nutty Al Davis! Haha, how much worse can I do than that guy?

I don't even need a Magic 8-Ball to GM the Raiders...

So what's new for me? Deal or No Deal!! Yes, you read that right! I'm planning to submit an audition tape for the show. Howie will love my personality! I would get it started right away, but I've been waiting for my lazy, unofficial manager, Jordan to organize the filming. I question his motivation sometimes. Just because I don't pay him doesn't mean he can procrastinate. He wants too much cut of the prize if I make it. I'm about to become the first dude to ever fire a manager without ever paying him. So pull for me, you groupies!!

I love Howie, but I love the ladies more...

My weight update: I have been hanging around 185lbs. to 190lbs. depending on the day. I workout more than ever and gaining some muscle weight. I do have some mental lapse in my diet though. Biggest hurdle has been my friend, Fish. The dude loves to eat and he loves big portions, sweets, and grease. His response is, "just workout everyday." Only if it was that easy man. Maybe I need to fire him also! lol.

Fish always stink!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fresh & Easy is the way I wanna luv u tonight~

Today, I discovered a bomb store called, "Fresh & Easy." It's an British chain of supermarket trying to do a rapid expansion in the US. You're missing out if you're not in California, Arizona, or Nevada. I'm sure they'll address the other states pretty soon. Not all items are cheap, but there are definitely some hidden bargains here. It's also cool for singles or couples with no children as they offer small portion of products. No need for people in this demographic to carry a Costco membership in my opinion. They stress that everybody should be able to afford quality and convinient, healthy food. I'll frequent this place on my road back to sexyness...

Coming to a hood near you!

Now, a update on how I'm doing. I've been eating lot of home-made Tuna Salad with Balsamic Vinagarette dressing. Sounds boring, right? It's not that bad! I guess tuna is curving my hunger?
Protein shakes usually accompany my salad dinner. Overload on protein has been great help in fighting hunger pangs. These are kind of things I'm finding out on daily basis. I always exercised and ate right most of the time. I may have been doing it all wrong. What I knew up till now was Nutrition 101, not Advanced Nutrition Course. I probably took in too many wrong carbs, fats, etc... I also failed to do enough combination of cardio & strength training. A classic case of, "if I knew back then what I know now!" Better late, than never though. I got to a point where I don't even wanna drink alcohol even for a social event. Haha, call me, "Born-Again Health Nut." I have nutritionally sinned!

Can I keep this up???

Monday, September 8, 2008

Best of Both Worlds?

Apologies to my fans for long hiatus. You groupies must be curious what I've been doing. Surprisingly, nobody has approached me for an autograph at local supermarkets. Maybe people in Irvine aren't too Youtube savvy.

I've been busy transforming myself lately. Except for few occasion, my diet's been good. My kryptonite would be Chicken Katsu meal. Other than that, I haven't laid my mouth on rice at all. Bread has gone from white to whole multi-grain. Yogurt(not Yogurtland or Pinkberry kind) has been incorporated into the diet to consume calcium, which can help prevent me from gaining additional weight.

Chicken Katsu is da Shiznit!!

I bought a armband for my Ipod Touch since I dropped the shuffle into 24 Hour Fitness Toilet. I didn't even bother to save it and flushed it. Smartest thing I've done in a long time. I look stylin' with that armband shiet~ The interface on the Touch is hard to navigate during a workout, however. It's alright though. I got my thousand songs to keep me going. So far I've gone from 195lbs to 188lbs in about 2 weeks. Got some friends together and also started playing football on weekends. It's been whole lotta fun, but soreness that accompany me for 3 days afterwards is a bitch! I'm trying to organize a Turkey Bowl this Thanksgiving. It'll be crazy! I have been reminded the joy of pick-up football.

Turkey & Football, Like Bread & Butter

You might've noticed I like to do things out of ordinary. So I've decided to do Nike Human Race next year. How cool would that be?? That would be total opposite of the Gyoza Eating Contest. Different kind of athletic feat to say the least. The race this year has just passed, but I can train for next year. 10K is not easy at all, especially for me right now. But being underdog is my forte.
I might suck like eating Gyoza, but I wasn't nor am I the worst eater on MLE circuit. So there's no way I will be the last place finisher in that event. People know I got heart. I know I got heart. I'll run 5Ks to prepare for the event. I'll drench the treadmill with my sweat like Niagara Falls. I will buy cool Nike or Underarmour shoes to look sexy. Whatever I gotta do, I will do. Why? Because I'm Hollywood, baby!

Finish 10K or pop my knee? Which comes first?

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Training Blues Part 2

This time, "training blues," means struggles of training to get back into shape. Try running with extra 30lbs of weight on your back. That's how exactly it feels right now. My ankles, knees, and feet hurts. A mile on treadmill used to be a breeze. Nowadays, I'm running out of breath. My situation reminds me of Super-Size Me.

A Must-See if you haven't already

As far as six-small meals a day methods go, it doesn't work too well for me. If I don't get full at end of each meal, it's just an temptation for me. I cannot wait for next "small" meal again. So it turns into six-square meals a day. My will power is tested daily by co-workers snacking on heavy buttered popcorn, McDonald's, KFC, Chinese take-out, etc. Is it possible to gain weight from inhaling trans fat?? It certainly feels possible.

Being an Asian man, it is hard to live without rice as staple of our diets. Eliminating them all together will help me cut out significant amount of carb intake. Yes, that's what I'm going to do. I'll keep whole-grain bread to eat sandwiches, but I can live without rice for a while. I do have little bit of gringo in me in that sense. This challenge is turning out to be a lot harder than training for competitive eating event. You know I look Porky. What you don't know is I'm about to do a biggest turn-around in history. Move over Boston Celtics!

From worst to first

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